News on shop re-opening and customer appreciation sale

by Susan

Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy New Year sparkling with fun and bursting with happiness!

Just wanted to touch base on a few things before the shop re-opens.

Firstly, the Matte Balms have been taken down but never fear they will return. I made the batches too large and some of the oils went off so I need to tweak the formula with longer lasting oils/butters and a bit more antioxidant. They will return in March with brand new colors!

Many of you who are in our Facebook group Glitter Haven already know that due to technical problems many formulas for collections and products were lost. I lost the formulas for several collections including Who Ya Gonna Call?, MILF, Queens of Horror and Mythical Creatures, as well as the majority of the Pucker Paint color formulas. I really wanted to cry and my in fact have shed a few tears but now I’m actually kind of excited because this means all new Pucker Paints and I now have room for a few new permanent collections.

I’m having a small customer appreciation sale when the shop re-opens; use code SPARKLE2017 for 10% off all orders through 01/09/17

2017 is going to kick ass; I hope you will join me on the adventure!

Susan xoxo