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By joining the Darling Girl Affiliate Network, you will be able to promote Darling Girls expansive product line, exclusive offers and earn 8% commission on sales.


Easy just submit your information below and we will supply you with a dedicated code you can give to your readers/subscribers which will give them 8% off their order and give you an 8% commission.

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Once you hit the $50 threshold a code will be emailed to you with your $50 voucher good at

If you have a social media platform you use regularly leave me a link so I can follow back and if you have a preference of having your social media name incorporated into your affiliate code leave me that information as well.

There is not a dashboard of any kind for you to log into but feel free to email me anytime to see where you are at regarding payouts.

If you have questions on a payout or any aspect of the program you can email